Miscreant Angels, for piano, 2013

Flashback, for double bass, 2011

Maborosi, for trumpet/flugelhorn, percussion and six trumpets, 2008

La Prairie, for instrumental septet and soprano, 2004-2005

Destiny and Desire, for alto saxophone and trumpet, 2003

Inacabado, revisited, 2002

The Common Root of All Organisms, soprano/speaker and instrumental octet, 2001

The Waterclown, soprano and chamber orchestra, 2000

Sonny’s Songs, solo violin, 1999 

Car Talk, Orphans on the Road, female voice and instrumental sextet, 1999

Sticky Jive, instrumental octet, 1998

dafunkaMonkus, instrumental sextet, 1997

Free Solo, big band style, for jazz band, 1995-96

Orphans, duet for microtonal flutes and percussion, 1994-95

Outlaws, for instrumental sextet, 1994-95

FFFF, for instrumental sextet, 1993

Red White and Black Blues, for chamber orchestra, 1992

Beatitudes foRay, for solo trumpet, 1991 

All GONE, for jazz ensemble, 1991

QUE’ for Tone Road Ramblers, 1990

THO, for instrumental sextet, 1989

Steppin’ on the Gas, for instrumental quintet, 1987

Suite Changes for Bb trumpet and piano, 1985

Ray’s in the Window: GAMAN, for solo trumpet and chamber ensemble, 1985

Dreams, for violin, trumpet, trombone, guitar, double bass and percussion, 1985

Improvisation II, for trumpet, trombone and two female dancers, 1984

Duet V, for flute, clarinet, trumpet and two trombones, 1984

Duet IV, for trumpet, trombone and two female dancers, 1984

Duet III, for flute, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, soprano, and prepared piano, 1984

Dickle Seven, for trumpet, trombone and two dancers, 1983

Improvisation One, for trumpet and trombone, 1982

Duet II, for solo clarinet, trumpet, two trombones, flute and percussion, 1981-82

Fine Tuning, for clarinet, trumpet and percussion, 1981

Myth, for trumpet, trombone, guitar, double bass and conductor, 1981

Album, for two dancers, trumpet and trombone, 1981

Warm Up, for jazz quintet, 1981

Lament for Olton, for jazz band, 1980

Windows, for brass quintet, 1977

Introduction and Blues, for tuba and piano, 1976

Transition, for tuba solo, winds, percussion, violin and double bass, 1975-76

Short piece for Tuba and Euphonium, 1974

Light and Shadow, for orchestra and jazz band and soloist, 1974

Brass Quintet No. 2, 1974

Old Faces, for cello and mezzo-soprano, 1973

Midnight Realities, for solo tuba, 1973

Inacabado, for solo trombone, 1973

Alone, for solo trumpet, 1972

Zelanski Medley, for mixed choir, winds, percussion and cello, 1972

Faces, 1972

Darkness II, for brass quintet and percussion, 1971

Music for Brass and Percussion, 1971

Music for Protestant Religious Service, for choir and jazz sextet, 1970

Blueberry Blue for piano, ca. 1969

Bird Merchant, for jazz band, 1969

Loneliness, for mixed choir, trombone, tuba, violin and harp, 1969

Three Songs, for mezzo-soprano and two violins, 1968

Old Man, for mixed choir, brass and percussion, 1967

Music for Jazz Ensemble, 1967

Music for Voices and Instruments, 1966

Sirhmrej, for jazz band, 1966

Three Movements for Piano, 1966

Piece for Piano, 1965

Tape Piece, 1965 (University of Illinois, Experimental Music Studios)

LKP, for jazz band, 1963

JS,  for jazz band, 1963

My Child,  for jazz octet, 1962

Five Pieces for String Quartet, 1962

Elegy for Winds, for wind ensemble, 1962

Structure for Improvisation, for jazz octet, 1962

Perspectives, for jazz octet, 1962

Bass Solo, for jazz octet, 1962

Volume XII, for jazz band, 1962

Moonbag, for jazz band, 1962

JS, for jazz band, 1962

The Happy Way, for jazz band, 1961

Orchestra Piece, 1961 (Master of Music thesis)

Piece for Violin and Piano, 1961

Suite for Three, for trombone, tenor saxophone and double bass, 1961

7-4, for jazz band, 1961

Piece for Mixed Choir, 1960

Cloudy, for jazz band, 1960

Higgins, for brass band, 1960

Brass Trio, 1960

Piece for Woodwind Trio, 1959, 1960

Reflections, for jazz band, 1959

Pumbo Jack, for jazz band, 1959

Theme and variations for trombone and piano, 1959

Jumbo Pack, for jazz band, 1958

Pow 1, for jazz band, 1957

Greetings Dawn, for jazz band, 1957