Sirhmrej, for jazz ensemble – Apogee Press

Three Songs, soprano and two violins – Media Press

Blueberry Blue, piano – Stipes Publishing Company

Alone, solo trumpet – Brass Music Limited

Inacabado, solo trombone – Brass Music Limited

Midnight Realities, solo tuba – Brass Music Limited

The Young – Old Faces, alto voice and cello – Media Press

Brass Quintet No. II – Media Press

Introduction & Blues, euphonium and tuba – Hal Leonard Publishers

Darkness II, brass quintet and percussion – Lingua Press-Collection Two

Windows, brass quintet – (Gunmar) G. Schirmer, Inc.

Light and Shadows, orchestra and jazz band – (Gunmar) G. Schirmer, Inc.

Bird Merchant, jazz band – (Gunmar) G. Schirmer, Inc.

Music for Jazz Ensemble, (Gunmar) G. Schirmer, Inc.

Transitions, tuba solo and instrumental ensemble – T.U.B.A. Manuscript Press

Suite Changes, Bb trumpet and piano – Cimarron Music Press

Ray’s in the Window: GAMAN, solo trumpet and chamber ensemble – Media Press

Beatitudes foRay, solo Bb trumpet – Media Press

Red, White and Black Blues, chamber orchestra – Media Press

Fine Tuning, Bb Clarinet, Bb Trumpet and Mixed Percussion – Media Press

Loneliness, mixed chamber choir, violin, harp, trombone, and tuba – Media Press

Destiny and Desire, Alto Saxophone and Trumpet – Media Press

Elegy, for wind ensemble – Media Press

All Gone, for jazz band – Media Press

The Happy Way, for jazz band – Media Press

Flashback, for double bass – Media Press

Miscreant Angels, for solo piano – Media Press

Maborosi, Bb Trumpet/Fluegelhorn and vibraphone – Media Press

Sonny’s Songs for Doro, violin – Media Press

Darkness 1 for brass quintet and 2 percussionist – Frog Peak

Five Pieces For String Quartet – Frog Peak

Duet 2 for Tone Road Ramblers – Frog Peak

Zelanski Medley for mixed choir and instruments – Frog Peak

Da funk a Monkus for Tone Road Ramblers – Frog Peak

Outlaws for Tone Road Ramblers – Frog Peak

Que’ for Tone Road Ramblers – Frog Peak

FFFF for Tone Road Ramblers – Frog Peak


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