First Performances

Volume Twelve – North Texas University Jazz Ensemble, Notre Dame Jazz Festival, South Bend, IN, Spring 1961, Winner of best composition award of the festival.

Elegy for Winds – Wind Ensemble, Samuel Adler, conductor, Denton, TX, 1962.

Five Pieces for String Quartet – Composers’ String Quartet, Urbana, IL, Fall 1964

Piano Pieces – Dennis Kam, Northwestern University Composer’s Conference, Evanston, IL, Spring 1966

Sirhmrej – University of Illinois Jazz Band, Urbana, IL, 1968.

Music for Voices and Instruments – Contemporary Chamber Singers, Kenneth Gaburo, conductor, Urbana, IL, 1966.

Music for Jazz Ensemble – The 1967 Contemporary Arts Festival, University of Illinois Jazz Band, John Garvey, director, Urbana, IL, 1967.

Old Man – Brass, percussion, and chamber choir, University of South Dakota, Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, James Lewis, conductor, Vermillion, SD, 1967.

Loneliness – Ineluctable Modality (chamber choir), Edwin London, conductor, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Urbana, IL, 1970.

Three Songs – Soprano and two violins, Resident Artists at the Bennington Composer’s Conference, Bennington, VT, Summer, 1971.

Bird Merchant – University of Illinois Jazz Band, John Garvey, director, MENC Convention, Chicago, IL, December, 1969.

Music for a Protestant Religious Service – Jazz sextet and choir, University Methodist Church, Urbana, IL, 1970.

Music for Brass and Percussion – Baldwin Wallace Brass Choir, James Darling, conductor, Berea, OH, Spring 1971

Darkness II – Georgia State Brass Quintet, The Annual Symposium for Contemporary Music, Atlanta, GA, Spring 1972.

Zelanski Medley – Ineluctable Modality, Edwin London, conductor, Hawaii, winter 1972.

Alone – Robert Levy, trumpet, Composers Theater, New York, NY, 1973.

Inacabado – Miles Anderson, trombone, Los Angeles, CA, May 1974.

Brass Quintet, No. II – Louisville Brass Quintet, Louisville, KY, March 1974.

Midnight Realities – Daniel Perantoni, tuba, KCPA, Urbana, IL, 1974.

Old Faces – Barbara Dalheim, singer and Peter Farrell, cello, Los Angeles County Museum, Los Angeles, CA, February 1975.

Light and Shadows – University of Illinois Symphony Orchestra and Jazz Band, 1975. Festival of Contemporary Arts, KCPA, Urbana, IL, March 21, 1975.

Nocturnes – University of Illinois Contemporary Chamber Players, Carnegie Recital Hall, New York, NY, October 1975.

Windows – Spoleto Brass Quintet, Spoleto Festival USA, Charleston, SC, May 1977.

Warmup – Jazz quintet, for dance choreography, KCPA, Urbana, IL, January 1981.

Album – Trumpet and trombone for dance choreography, Baltimore, MD, Spring 1981.

Myth – Instrumental quintet for dance choreography, KCPA, Urbana, IL, Spring 1982.

Fine Tuning – Trumpet and clarinet, Roulette, New York, NY, April 1981.

Duet II – Instrumental sextet, Roulette, New York, NY, April 1982.

Improvisation One – Trumpet and trombone, University Theater, New York University, New York, NY, March, 1983.

Dickle Seven – One Plus One Quartet (Trumpet, trombone, and two dancers), Footpath, Cleveland, OH, June, 1983.

Duet V – Tone Road Ramblers, Roulette, New York, NY, May 12, 1984.

Improvisation II – One Plus One Quartet, Ville De Saint-Germaine-En-Laye, France, May 25, 1984.

Duet IV – One Plus One Quartet, American New Music Consortium Third Annual Festival, New York, NY, June 22, 1984.

Dreams – Instrumental quintet for dance, KCPA, Urbana, IL, April 20, 1985.

Ray’s in the Window – Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Edwin London, conductor, Ray Sasaki, soloist, Cleveland, OH, October 14, 1985.

Suite Changes – David Bilger, trumpet, Carnegie Recital Hall, New York, NY, February 4, 1986.

Steppin’ on the Gas – Tone Road Ramblers, Hillsdale College Artist Series, Hillsdale, MI, September 25, 1987.

THO – Tone Road Ramblers, 19th Annual Festival of New Music, Ball State Universtiy, Muncie, IN, February 25, 1989.

Beatitudes foRay – Ray Sasaki, trumpet, KCPA, Great Hall, Urbana, IL, September 9,1992.

Red, White and Black Blues – Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Edwin London, conductor, Cleveland, OH, September 21, 1992.

FFFF – TRR, Ragdale Foundation, Lake Forest, IL, April 1993.

All GONE – University of Illinois Jazz Band, KCPA, Urbana, IL, May 4, 1994.

Orphans – Tone Road Ramblers, KCPA, Urbana, IL, October 4, 1995.

Free Solo, big band style – University of Illinois Jazz Band, Thomas Wirtel, conductor, KCPA, Urbana, Il, April 26, 1996

Outlaws – Tone Road Ramblers, Merkin Hall, New York City, April 10, 1997.

Sticky Jive – Tone Road Ramblers, Carbondale, IL, April 17, 2000

The Waterclown – Phoebe Legere, soprano with The Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Edwin London, conductor, Cleveland, OH, September 25, 2000

The Common Root of All Organisms – Phoebe Legere, soprano/speaker with mixed instrumental octet, Dan Welsher, conductor, Austin, TX, September 18, 2003

Destiny and Desire – Vanessa and Vern Sielert, Alto Saxophone and Trumpet, International Saxophone Conference, Minneapolis, MN, July 12, 2003

La Prairie – Ragdale Foundation, June 3, 2005

Maborosi – Ray Sasaki, Steve Butters and UT Trumpet Ensemble, Jessen Auditorium, Austin, Texas, October 11th, 2009

Flashback – double bass, Michael Cameron, KCPA, Urbana, IL, September 20, 2012

Miscreant Angels – piano, Ariane Alexander, Philadelphia Art Alliance, April 19, 2013 and Christ Church, April 20, Philadelphia, PA

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